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A legend becomes smart - we present the 'Volcano Hybrid'! Following its predecessors 'Volcano Classic' and the 'Volcano Digit' which have already ascended in the olympus of the most legendary as best vaporizers, STORZ & BICKEL pushes to the next level with its 'Volcano Hybrid' desk vaporizer. And this one is a special edition!

✔️ limited stylish ONYX edition

✔️ high-quality, scratch-resistant powder coating

✔️ top technology at its best

But what can the smart one do better? First, there is the faster heat-up time which takes just under 40 seconds due to the improved double helix heat exchanger.

Then, the 'Volcano Hybrid' which is also based on convection technology offers two options for inhaling the usual saturated vapour of the highest quality. Either you use the classic balloon system where first the valve balloon is filled with the aromatic steam and then gets inhaled. Or you inhale directly with the new rotatable hose system!

Due to the improvement of the airflow, this is possible without a pump. The traction and lung volume of the user alone are decisive for the amount of vapour inhaled. So everyone can create his own vaping pleasure according to personal preferences and circumstances. In addition, direct inhalation via hose does not necessarily require both hands which in particular gamers will appreciate.

The digital display continues to impress with its real-time display of setpoint and actual temperatures. As a further innovation, however, there are now wear-free and easy-to-clean touchscreen buttons that enhance the already great ease of operation off all 'Volcanos'. So the 'Volcano Hybrid' is the perfect vaporizer for patients who want to inhale their medicine in their own home.

Also cool is the feature of the comfortable app control via Bluetooth connection. All settings of the smart vaporizer can be made remotely with the STORZ & BICKEL app and your smartphone (compatible with all 'iOS' and 'Android' devices). For example, you can set the pump interval control, or the degree-accurate temperature in the range 40° C - 230° C (104° F - 446° F). Configurable workflows can also be used to create individual temperature sequences. A timer can also be used for automatic shut-off which saves energy. Updates to the firmware.

As expected from STORZ & BICKEL, the smart 'Volcano' is of first-class quality, from the materials used to the excellent workmanship up to the most advanced technology that ensures impressive vapour performance of the herbs. Made in Germany.

The box contains:

  • 1pc Volcano Hybrid ONYX vaporizer
  • 1pc power cord with EU-standard plug, 230V
  • 3pcs Easy Valve balloon with mouthpiece
  • 1pc Easy Valve balloon with adapter
  • 1pc tube system
  • 1pc filling chamber (incl. cap ring, screen kit)
  • 1pc filling chamber reducer
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc air filter set
  • 1pc grinder
  • 1pc manual de/en