Rosin X Mini Manual Rosin Extraction Press

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The Rosin X Mini rosin press is a brilliant little manual press which will bring you the ability to make your own solventless extracts at home without any risk or hassle. Simply plug it in, place a nug or some hash in between two halves of a piece of parchment paper and place it between the two heated plates. Then just close the plates and press with as much force as you can for 5-10 seconds. The heat will cause all the essential oils to melt and the pressure you apply to the press squishes it out of the solid material leaving just the waste plant material behind. Then just scrape up the result from the parchment paper and you have yourself a tasty dab or two.

Rosin produces the purest possible results for extracts because there are no solvents involved in the extraction process, meaning there is zero chance of any impurities being left behind in your final product. To maintain optimum efficiency it is suggested that you use no more than 0.5g of material on any one run. Using more will reduce the applied pressure and therefore the reduce the percentage yield from any one type of material.

Note: The power cord for this product comes with the manufacterers country plug (USA) so an adaptor will be required for other countries.