Vape Wool Hemp Fibres

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Vape Wool' is degummed hemp fibres and the ideal solution to evaporate hashish and other concentrates (wax/oil) in a vaporizer. It preserves the flavour of the concentrate and prevents the clumping and clogging of the vaporizer.

Every vaper knows the problem that especially rosinous substances, e.g. hashish, are difficult to evaporate in the vaporizer. As soon as the hashish warms up, it runs together and clumps up. Due to it you can not evaporate it properly because too little surface is available. Sometimes even the vaporizer gets damaged. Usually, you can help yourself by mixing some weed in the hashish to prevent it from converging. But this goes to the detriment of the pure hash effect and, above all, the pure hashish taste.

'Vape Wool' hemp fibres are tasteless, temperature resistant until at least 240° C (464° F). It consists of 100% natural hemp fibre which has been degummed and bleached, leaving the fibre soft and receptive like wool. It makes it possible to enjoy the flavour of the pure hashish or concentrate.

In addition, it keeps the heating chamber free of sticky residues and prevents possible damage of the vaporizer. Hemp wool can also be used as a cleaner for heating chambers and bong bowls. We recommend to wipe out the still warm heating chamber with the fibres directly after each vape session. If you vaporize liquid or syrupy extracts, the hemp fibres are a perfect drip pad.

Content: 1.5g wool/bag