Utillian 420 Vaporizer

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We present to you the Utillian 420, a dry herb vaporizer with impressive features that are hard to beat. Not only does the Utillian 420 provide you with the following key features to enhance your vaporisation session but also to simplify and ease your experience.


            ✔ 1 Button Design 
            ✔ 4 Preset Temperatures
            ✔ Isolated Airways
            ✔ Ceramic Heating Chamber
            ✔ Digital Display
            ✔ Conduction Heating
            ✔ Glass Mouthpiece
            ✔ 45 Minutes of Battery Life
            ✔ Portable
            ✔ 1 Year Warranty
            ✔ Designed in Canada

Some of Our Favourite Features:

1 Button Design - A single button design allows for simple operation and ensures a relaxing experience.  
            ✔ Isolated Airways - Isolated air paths are essential when it comes to vaporisers, particularly dry herb vaporisers. An isolated air path guarantees a safe vaping experience with ultimate flavour profiles.
            ✔ Portable - Portability is up there for us when it comes to vaporisers, of course a desk top vaporiser is a different thing and has its own benefits, but when it comes to hand held vaporisers you want it to be portable so that you can bring it out and about with you, wherever and whenever.
            ✔ 1 Year Warranty - Purchasing the Utillian 420 comes with a 1 year warranty which is what we always love to see when it comes to dry herb vaporisers. This means if you come across any issues with your Utillian 420 within the first year of purchasing it then they will take care of it for you.