The VonG (i) : Titanium

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Love DynaVap products? Then you're going to love the Titanium VonG (i)! Not only is this beautiful piece with machine cut edges going to exceed your expectations but it also features zero electronic parts. Meaning there is less to worry about, no technical faults possible! This also allows you to have the freedom to take your VonG out with you wherever you go, no charger necessary, just a simple heat source. 

It is extremely pocket friendly which is great for portability and it can be enjoyed with dry herb or even concentrates when paired with the DynaCoil (sold separately). The flavour that this tiny powerhouse will provide you will make you never want to combust again. If you are looking to microdose then this handy piece of equipment will be your best friend thanks to it's adjust-a-bowl feature.

Key Features:
            ✔ The tip features an 'adjust-a-bowl' which allows you to adjust the size of the chamber which is perfect for microdosing
            ✔ Fully Titanium sleeve, other interchangeable sleeves are available too
            ✔ The Captive Cap will fit with any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash
            ✔ Expertly designed tapered mouthpiece that fits comfortably in 10mm and 14mm female water pieces
            ✔ Extremely durable, in fact, the most durable VonG yet
            ✔ An ergonomic and form fitting design that is comfortable to hold and grip
            ✔ Can be taken apart for easier cleaning
            ✔ Unbelievably smooth rotation for easy-to-control airflow
What's in the box?
  • VonG lookalike case
  • VonG (i) : Titanium

*Made entirely in the USA

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