Tectonic9 Grinder

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Traditional grinders have stood the test of time as they deliver the most consistent results and their durability is unmatched. However, emptying the contents of a traditional grinder can be a messy process, and getting the perfect amount where it needs to be is tedious. The Tectonic9 combines the reliability and durability of a traditional grinder with an electronic metering mechanism to offer the best of tradition and modern convenience.

            ✔ The reliability of a traditional grinder combined with automatic dosing.
            ✔ Designed for transport and suitable for outdoor use.
            ✔ Built-in vibration motor, optimized to the perfect vibration frequency
            ✔ Viewing window with LED light to check the amount of herbs.
            ✔ Hidden flip-up grommet for accurate target positioning
            ✔ 28 CNC-machined, diamond-shaped grinding teeth for a perfect degree of grinding.
            ✔ Anodized aluminum alloy body, textured grinding handle with smooth matte finish.
            ✔ User-friendly interface with one button.

What's in the box:

  • Tectonic9 grinder
  • Charging cable
  • Carry bag