Skull King Glass Bong Bowl - Green (18 mm)

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With an intricate design and colouring, this bong bowl will add a touch of royalty to every person in possession of the accessory. Constructed to look like a skull wearing a crown, this unique piece is for collectors looking for rare bowls. Actually, there is more to the design. The bowl’s vibrant green and gold colours will light up while using the bowl.

A perfect size

The joint size is 18mm wide, which means that enough herbs can be packed into the bowl at one go without a need for refilling. Also, you should know, the bowl has a male joint which fits into a female joint on a bong. 

A Unique Bowl Made From The Best Glass

The glass material of this bowl is the best material to use for a smoking accessory. The borosilicate glass does not release any fumes, flavours or odours because of its high stability, ensuring clean, safe smoke. The glass is also largely heat-resistant, eliminating any fear of cracking the glass due to high temperatures. Borosilicate glass is equally a solid type of glass that doesn’t shatter or chip easily.