Scepter of Lamos - Glass Portable DynaVap Vaporizer

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Katalyzer, the first French brand of portable vaporizers presents: the Scepter of Lamos. Completely transparent and smoked as the name of the god from which it takes its inspiration, this small portable glass vaporizer uses the heating and vaporization technology developed by DynaVap.

The Sceptre Of Lamos is a small portable vaporizer that works with a torch lighter or induction heater.

The Scepter of Lamos portable vaporizer comes with:

  • A stainless steel tip and an original Dynavap cap - made in the USA.
  • A thick, solid 1mm glass tube - made in China by trusted partners of Katalyzer.
  • All assembled with love in France by Katalyzer.

Very easy to use and the Scepter of Lamos will follow you in all your travels, it is very easy to clean with our biological cleaning fluid.

The glass structure allows to have one of the best flavour rendering available on the market because it is completely crafted out of natural and pure materials.

The small glass spikes in the tube of the sceptre effectively cool the vapour by lengthening the path of the vapour before it reaches your throat.