RosinBomb "Rocket" Rosin Press

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Create your own concentrate at home. The RosinBomb Rocket is compact yet powerful. It's small enough to fit inside a backpack, weighs only 5.9 kg, is only 25cm tall and will apply more than 700 kg of force. The unit is extremely quiet and does not require a noisy compressor to function. Able to crush up to 5 grams, depending the density of your material.

At the center of rosin production is the press, a machine responsible for producing controlled amounts of heat and pressure over short periods of time. Through DIY innovation and the harnessing of technologies borrowed from several other manufacturing industries, the rosin press has evolved extensively since its modest beginnings. Rosin production requires just three things - time, heat and pressure. The rosin produced is also far less time consuming to process, in some cases yielding a product that can be used in a matter of seconds.

How does it work?

The temperature of the plates can be anywhere from ambient all the way up to 149°C, with the optimum range being around the 95°C-105°C. The temperature setting you should use will depend on the material you're working with, so be vigilant with your heat controls to avoid wasting any material. Like all the other RosinBomb presses, the RosinBomb Rocket is purely electric and uses mains electricity to generate in excess of 700kg of force to press and squeeze every single last drop of rosin out of your material. Thanks to the complete lack of hydraulics, the Rocket is much quieter and lower maintenance than any other type of automated press on the market right now which is always an advantage when you want the best possible results but still need to be subtle.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA from solid stainless steel.

*This product might take 1-2 days longer to ship, due to special shipping requirements. Comes with UK adaptor.