Puffco Peak Pro Dab Vaporizer

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"The 'Peak Pro' by 
PUFFCO® clearly belongs to the top class of electric vape & dab devices. The vaporizer with the aesthetic design impressively combines the most innovative technology with the needs of dabbing people.

At the same time it is ideally suited for beginners as well as advanced users. And at the same time, it is ideally suited for beginners as well as advanced vapers. Dabbing newbies appreciate its uncomplicated operation and efficient mode of action, while connoisseurs celebrate the features for perfect adjustment for an optimal personalized vape & dab experience. The highlights at a glance:

✔️Water filtration with improved splash guard

✔️Oculus carb cap for strong airflow which makes terp pearls rotate properly

✔️Large filling volume of the heating chamber (atomizer)

✔️Optical & haptic feedback

✔️Intelligent temperature control

✔️Great vapour quality

✔️Controllable and configurable by app. But of course, the 'Peak Pro' can do much more!

Four selectable temperature settings

The 'Peak Pro' vaporizer for extracts like wax, shatter, rosin and more, offers four preset temperature settings of 489.2° F, 510.8° F, 530.6° F and 545° F (254° C, 266° C, 277° C , 285° C). So even the beginners can find a satisfactory start. If you want to get the maximum flavour out of your extract, choose a lower setting, while the higher temperatures produce a lot of steam.

App for individual settings & analyses

For those who are not satisfied with the preset settings, you can create and save individual settings with their corresponding lighting colours (blue, green, red, white) using the app (Android or Apple). In this way, there are perfect settings for every user that optimally meet their personal requirements.

In addition, the app enables intelligent monitoring of the temperature of the vaporizer and the choice between four light settings such as disco mode or stealth mode. Furthermore, the app allows you to call up statistical data (for example, how many dab sessions there have already been) and diagnostic information.

Ready to start in 20 seconds

No long waiting time - the PUFFCO® 'Peak Pro' heats up in just 20 seconds. Thanks to the intelligent temperature monitoring, the 'Peak Pro' automatically detects whether the bowl is still hot enough. This ensures a particularly even vapour development.

Very practical also for the sesh mode when you use the device extensively with friends while chilling together. The 1.700mA/h battery lasts for approx. 30 dabs.

Excellent vapour quality & haptic feedback

As soon as the 'Peak Pro' reaches the selected temperature the vaporizer informs about with short vibration and enables the optimal timing for the ideal hit. The volume of the heating chamber has been increased (compared to the previous model) for longer vaping fun

Perfect airflow

The new oculus carb cap provides a more direct airflow with strong swirling of the vapour. If you add terp pearls, they start to rotate violently - you can only watch fascinated! The shape of the glass top has also been optimized, it now holds more water and the more pointed shape better prevents the inhalation of water drops. Vapour with higher temperatures is also cooled effectively and allows intense aromatic enjoyment.

The 'Peak Pro' vaporizer is charged via USB-C connection or by a docking station with integrated battery (separately available). Of course, the vape device is also Bluetooth compatible. The dab vaporizer is packed in a sturdy case so that you can transport it safely.

What's in the box?

  • 1pc PUFFCO® Peak Pro vaporizer
  • 1pc heating chamber
  • 1pc USB-C cable
  • 1pc water chamber made of borosilicate glass
  • 1pc carb cap with round window
  • 1pc AC adapter
  • 1pc dabber
  • 1pc fixer
  • 5pcs spoons & scraper