Ispire daab™ "E-Rig" Vaporizer

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Introducing to you the daab by Ispire. A top of the range, revolution in the world of dabbing, an e-rig that uses similar technology to the Wand by Ispire. This device is entirely dedicated to nothing but dabbing! Featuring a water cooling system and zero atomizer. This fantastic device proposes a full glass airpath as well as an inner cup made of borosilicate glass, specifically chosen so that you can enjoy the terps of your most precious concentrates. As well as custom temps ranging from 250° to 800°F.

Key Features:
            ✔ Induction Heating
            ✔ Borosilicate Glass Cups
            ✔ Water Chamber
            ✔ Pass Through Charging
            ✔ Battery Operated
            ✔ Type-C Charging Port
            ✔ Viscosity Ranges
            ✔ Temperature Settings
            ✔ Safety Features
            ✔ Portable