Focus V Carta 2 - E-Rig Dabbing Vaporizer

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Focus V presents a new member of the E-rig family, the Focus V Carta 2. This new and improved model, the upgraded version of the Focus V Carta OG, has a large heating chamber that can be used with herbal concentrates. The vapour is separated by the built-in water filtration system that makes for an incredible flavour production. The Carta 2 has a unique and eye-catching design and improved functionalities. 

Powerful & High-End E-Rig

This powerful dabbing vaporizer makes use of a 2000mAh internal battery. When it's empty, you can charge it with USB-C or wirelessly. It provides convenient pass-through charging, so you can keep going when the unit runs out of battery. A stunning RGB lighting system brings color to your session. And it is possible to start your session from the app's device to set up.

The vaporizer also includes a glazed ceramic atomizer. The glazed ceramic makes it easy to clean.This desktop vaporizer works with concentrates and herbs. For this it has an Intelli-Core™ 360° heating atomizer. This is 14 mm wide, so 4 mm wider than its predecessor. The larger size allows for larger sessions or group use. The atomizer uses conduction heating to directly heat the material with the glazed ceramic inside.

Full Temperature Control

The temperature range for heating concentrates is 185°C (365°F)–335°C (635°F), while for heating herbs it is 135°C (275°F) –. You can fully control the temperature. Then the water filtration and percolation purify the vapour.

An internal battery powers this desktop vaporizer. This one is 2000mAh and can last for 20 to 25 sessions. In addition, it is possible to charge it via USB-C. But it is also possible to use it while charging thanks to the pass-through charging function. Plus, wireless charging is available for a modern twist.

Eye-catching design

One of the valuable features of the 2 is the OLED display. It lists what you need to know about your vape and session: battery life, temperature, session timer, herb or concentrate mode and bluetooth sync.

The Focus V Carta 2 consists of an ergonomic housing made of plastic polymer and a part made of borosilicate glass. The plastic polymer ensures that the housing does not get hot and the design is comfortable to hold. The borosilicate glass is similar to the OG version and is compatible. So it is possible to eventually switch.

In addition, the mobile app contributes to increasing the possibilities. The Focus Web App offers different configurations: presets, session time and temperature, social and community tracker and guarantee assistance with Focus. And if you want an entertaining light show, the RGB lighting adds color to your session.

What's in the box?

1x Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer
1x Intelli-Core™ atomizer
1x Atomizer Cap & Tether
1x Carta 2 carrying case
1x Silicone travel stopper
1x Dab tool
1x USB-C cable
1x Manual

The vaporizer comes with a few handy accessories. A silicone cover ensures that the water does not run out of the top. And to help protect your Carta 2, a carrying case, which looks like a camera bag, keeps the device and other components in place.