Dynavap The "M" 2021 Vaporizer - Essentials Kit

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Dynavap - The "M" Essentials Kit

It is that time again! Every year DynaVap launches the new VapCaps. This year they are adding three new VapCaps to the ever-growing DynaVap collection. Including the VapCap M 2021, an improved version of the already iconic VapCap M 2020 Vaporizer.

With the new adjustments to their "M"odular vaporizer, DynaVap combines the best features of the editions from 2019 and 2020. At Puff Puff Palace we are convinced. that they succeeded!

The new ''M'' vaporizer offers the highest quality and durability at an extremely reasonable price. The quality of Dynavap's newest addition is on par with the previous product line.

The fully faceted septa-serrated extraction chamber includes a 2-position adjustment bowl and fin profile. The housing is ground for optimal grip and features enhanced air holes. The overall length of the vaporizer is 92mm. The mouthpiece has a 10mm grind.

The Dynavape M Bundle includes Stash and Torch lighter.


  • stainless steel
  • Length: 92mm
  • Herbs, oils, waxes

Scope of delivery

  • Dynavap The "M Vaporizer
  • SlimStash: Padauk
  • Cyclone Triple Torch