DynaVap The "B" Vaporizer

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Bringing you The "B" by DynaVap - this sleek thermal extraction vaporizer is the newest creation by DynaVap. The "B" features a new-style of Stainless Steel Tip; including their first ever fin design, made to extract quickly and simply. 

The biggest new feature of The "B" which has never been seen before on any other DynaVap models, is the food-grade silicone stem. This silicone stem boasts an airport as well as a 10mm tapered mouthpiece which can be used either with or without glass; which is a feature we believe all vaporizers should have!

The beauty of this modern, sleek thermal extraction device is that is is composed of only 5 parts which are made of no more than 2 materials

Silicone Stem, Stainless Steel Captive Cap, Condenser, Tip and CCD.

As with all vaporizers, The "B" has it's own unique set of Key Features:

 ✔  10 mm Tapered Mouthpiece

 ✔  Condenser is adjustable to customize airflow and cooling

 ✔  Food-Grade Silicone Stem

 ✔  Silicone Stem features pentagonal anti-roll design & tip elevation geometry

 ✔  Tip is backwards & compatible with DynaVap devices & accessories

 ✔  Tip Chamber is optimized for extraction efficiency

 ✔  O-ring optimal design for easy assembly & disasembly


You receive your DynaVap The "B" in a complimentary green tube with DynaVap branding. 


*The "B" is not compatible with the DynaCoil
*Fitment with wood Stashes varies