Chill Stainless Steel Bong - Blue Gloss

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The Chill Stainless Steel Bong comes with a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel base and neckpiece, an unbreakable aluminum down stem, and a borosilicate glass bowl piece. The entire Chill Steel Pipe stands 13" tall, with an 8.5" neckpiece. Add ice to the base for a chill experience that will last up to 12 hours. This is a low maintenance piece with a ceramic interior and doesn't require any chemical cleaners.

This is our Limited Edition Blue Gloss Chill. This is a complete setup that comes with:

  • Our Proprietary, Vacuum Insulated Green Armored Base
  • Our Standard 8.5"(22cm) Green Armored Neckpiece (13" Total)(33cm)
  • Durable Aluminum Diffuser Downstem
  • Borosilicate Glass Slide
  • Easy Clean Ceramic Interior; Cleans with just ISO
  • Chill Manufacturer Warranty

This item pairs with all DynaVap vaporizers. The VonG (i) and "B" natively, while the "M" and Omni will need an adaptor which is the Dynavap ''Fat Mouthpiece''. 

Also available in Green, Stainless Steel, Blue, White, and Black