Blaze 'M&M' Coolbong Spiral 2-part

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This shapely eye-catching 'Blaze Glass' Coolbong consists of two parts. The lower Conical Water-Chamber has a robust inlet and comes with heavy duty Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters with Standard Ground SG 29/45 and the intake pipe which has a cooling spiral chamber which can be pre-cooled in the refrigerator.

The design of this Coolbong includes two colourful patterned sections & a SG 14 bowl, otherwise its black with a decorative flower in a glass bead attached to the side of the cooling chamber. Only the water & cooling chamber is clear.

The 'Blaze Glass' Logo in silver is around the base. It has two, extra reinforced Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters with Standard Ground SG 29/45, and a blue bowl with roll-stop function. The dual Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters consists of two detachable adapters each with slit. The inner Down-pipe has a 5-Arm 10x slit diffuser and the external Adapter has a 12x slit-diffuser. This provides powerful turbulence and cools the smoke optimally. Includes a metal 'Sure Ground' SG 29 clip.