Black Leaf Bayonet Grinder - 4 parts 62 mm

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The 4-part grinder of the brand 'Black Leaf' is a reliable shredder even from very resinous regrind! Because the grinder contains extremely robust block teeth (CNC-milled), which pack and grind the herb material very well.

This grinder does not have a screw thread. Thanks to the bayonet closure the sieve and bottom chamber can be switched open with only one ¼ turn. The lid is securely held by a strong magnet. Due to the precise workmanship and the handy groove design, which creates a special touch, the ganjapreneur is able to turn the spice mill back and forth particularly easy.

The precious pollen, drizzled through the fine-mesh sieve can be removed completely with the enclosed scraper. Made of of high quality, corrosion resistant aluminum.

Available in silver and black!

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