Dr Dabber Boost Evo Review – is this the best e-rig on the market as of 2022?

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Dr Dabber Boost Evo Review – is this the best e-rig on the market as of 2022?

With a name like Dr.Dabber you do really set your expectations high and when I say high, I mean “crème de la crème”. 

Luckily for Dr.Dabber they don’t disappoint when it comes to the dabbing department or even the full package so without further ado let's get into this Dr.Dabber Boost Evo review. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo Puff Puff Palace

The Boost Evo by Dr.Dabber was released in May 2020 and here’s a little fun fact in case you didn’t know: the term “e-rig” was coined and trademarked by Dr Dabber in 2015 when initially releasing the original Boost, very very cool.  

They have been steadily releasing electronic dabbing rig for a minute now and know a thing or two when it to dabbing as their name would suggest. The Switch or The Stella have been great success for Dr Dabber but now lets take a closer look at the Boost Evo.  

The Boost Evo comes to you in this handy robust case; very portable. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo Case Packaging

What comes in the Dr Dabber Boost Evo box? 

So, in your Boost Evo box, you will get the following: 

  • 1x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO 
  • 1x Quartz Atomizer 
  • 1x Glass Attachment 
  • 1x Loading Tool 
  • 1x USB-C Charger 
  • 1x Adapter 
  • 1x Protective Carrying Case 

Now that we know everything that comes inside our Boost Evo box, let's find out what all the features and what Dr Dabber have done to make this portable e-rig stand out in the todays market.  

Boost Evo Features  

As you saw in the “what comes in the box section” - a USB-C charger will be provided which means this device takes USB-C charging and I’m sure everyone has learned that in 2022 USB-C is just essential. Well done Dr Dabber. 

The Boost Evo is quite different than most portable e-rigs, the air path is as direct as possible on this vaporizer. The atomizer sits on top of the device and the water piece sits directly on top of that.  

The vapor directly goes straight from the atomizer into the water piece, meaning the air path is as pure as you can get, therefore also making the cleaning operation easy on this device which is very important I’m sure most people that own an e-rig out there will know. 

Dr Dabber have introduced a “quick connect” adapter which works well and natively. 

The magnets in the adapter are strong so sometimes you may find yourself also picking up the connector when trying to disconnect the water piece. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo Carb Magnetic

The very direct airflow design doesn’t leave any room for a carb cap, meaning that Dr Dabber have ditched the old carb cap method and now that function is instead handled by an airflow release button, which I really like. You can use this button in a few different ways: simply leave your finger off it to allow some airflow, place your finger over the end to minimize the airflow and create the thickest hit possible, slide it in and out to use it like a shotgun to clear the chamber, or just add or subtract airflow during your hit. Overall, it functions differently than many dab rigs, but I really like that different function. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo Experience

How to use the Boost Evo by Dr Dabber 

Okay so now let’s get to the fun part; using our Boost Evo! 

Make sure you’ve filled up the water piece on top adequately with enough water and not too much either, place the water piece on top of the quick connect adapter and connect to the base. 

To turn on your Boost Evo, press the only button available button 5 times and your device will now be turned on, it will let you know it’s battery life by the four little LEDs in 25% increments. 

One cool feature the Boost Evo has is that it comes with 6 pre-set temperatures, if we are not seeing a fully customizable temperature then we are usually used to seeing an e-rig with 4 pre-set temperatures so the additional 2 is a welcome addition. 

To initiate the heat cycle, just hold the button for 3 seconds, 

The temperatures available are as follows:  

Purple – 500°F (260c) If you’re one for flavour, the purple setting of the Boost EVO electric dab rig is made for you. At 500°F, purple is low enough that it allows you to retain the maximum flavour profile when you dab your concentrate from this electric rig.    

Blue – 550°F (288c) Blue is where you’ll start to feel the heat. At a comparatively cool 550°F, you’ll still achieve a relatively smooth hit, but this is where vapor starts to become a little more abrasive. As you dive into the smart rig’s blue setting, you’ll also begin to see increased vapor production 

Cyan – 600°F (315c) At 600°F, things are heating up, but this is still a rather middle-of-the-road heat setting. Some call this temperature the ideal spot for dabbers because it allows you to sap up more oil in one go while retaining flavor. Of course, you’ll be sacrificing some of that flavor in order to take a higher temperature hit as terpenes and cannabinoids content will be much lower. 

As a trade-off, you’ll begin to see significantly ramped up cloud production from your Boost EVO. 

Green – 650°F (343c) In terms of impact, the green setting will have you riding into a wave of highly sedative effects, alongside a much harsher pull. you’ll be swept away by the large amount of dense clouds, and leave little to no residue behind. 

Orange – 700°F (371c) At 700°F, you’re getting into the upper echelon of high temperature dabs. No, really. We recognize that some dabbers turn it up a notch to even 1,000°F at times. However, we typically don’t recommend getting too much hotter than this. The primary reason that you’ll want to hit the Boost EVO at our orange setting is if you’re using large amounts of product at a single time.   

White – 750°F (399c) The Boost EVO white is not for the faint of heart. If you’re used to large, hot hits, strap in. Much like our orange setting, we advise against using this temperature unless you’re fueling with a significant amount of oil. Unlike the lower temperatures, our white hot temperature will leave you with the densest clouds of vapor you can imagine. Don’t expect to get maximal flavour with this setting, but do expect to get lit. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo

Vapour Quality of the Boost Evo by Dr Dabber 

The Boost Evo seriously has some of the best vapor quality available. This piece of kit is just all around a well built and thought out of product and therefore the vapour quality is impressive.  

You would have thought that with a quartz banger you lose some of the flavours compared to a silicone quartz banger, but it still retains amazing flavour whilst delivering very powerful hits, the Boost Evo is no joke when it comes to power and has the strongest possible vapor we’ve experienced when it comes to an e-rig. It’s hard to describe but the vapor felt “aggressive” and as if it just wanted to keep on coming with the same level of density.  

It extracts all the concentrate you decide to put it, making it a very efficient e-rig too. We all love it here at Puff Puff Palace and our beloved presenter Charlotte says it's her favourite and she’s definitely reviewed quite a few e-rigs in her time! Check out her review of the Boost Evo.

Heat up time & Battery 

The Battery of the Boost EVO lasts around to 50-60 good hits before charging it again says Dr Dabber and similar to our experience, that works out to something like 2 days of pretty heave use 

Under the button, four LED lights indicate the battery level in 25% increments. The base’s rear has a silicone flap, which can be easily opened to expose the USB-C charging port. Also, the battery supports pass-through charging, so you can use it whilst it’s charging 

The Boost Evo will take around 10 to 20 seconds to reach the temperature, depending on the battery life left and the temperature set to. 


We’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Boost Evo here at Puff Puff Palace, and that’s not because we stock it but because it’s honestly such a good e-rig. It’s EXCELLENT at what it does. What do you buy an e-rig for? To be able to use it out and about efficiently and effectively, easily, portable and if it’s super portable like the Boost Evo then that’s a big pro.  

Vapour quality that’s one of the best in the e-rig game competing with the Puffco Peak Pro and 6 different temperatures to choose from so not leaving you without the ability to take your dab at around the temperature you would like to take it at. Dr Dabber Boost Evo Rating = 9.2/10 

Check out the Boost Evo by Dr Dabber here at Puff Puff Palace and use code YOUTUBE 10% for 10% off Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Concentrate Vaporizer • Buy Now • Free Shipping | Puff Puff Palace .

Thank you for reading this blog, we’ll catch you next time. Peace and Love, Puff Puff Palace Team x